Why choose Columbia Print for your design, print, and production needs? Check out these testimonials from our happy customers, via our feedback form.

Why would you recommend Columbia Print? 

"Columbia Print is always professional, understanding of my needs and always gets the job done quickly and efficiently!"

"Helpful, understanding, efficient, personable, timely staff." 

"Excellent, professional and speedy service!" 

"You have a huge assortment of options to choose from and your knowledge of the University helps you guide your customers to the best solution." 

"Their customer service and the quality of work is always to perfection." 

"Customer service is great on the phone and via email. I am always able to reach someone when I have questions." 

"The team is always very helpful, accommodating, and ready to help with last-minute projects." 

"Online ordering is easy and efficient. Service was very fast!" 

"Professional, knowledgeable and prompt." 

"Excellent customer service!" 

"The team has been super helpful anytime I have contacted them. They always know what questions to ask to ensure everything looks perfect." 

"Primarily for the convenience as well how knowledgeable and helpful all are." 

"Such keen workmanship." 

"Yes! It is a very reliable service and office to go to for any job, and they go above and beyond."

"I would definitely recommend Columbia Print. Every job I have submitted has been done professionally and on time. They do excellent work."

"EXTREMELY capable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic team members who really work as a team from step one through to delivery. It is rare to find people who work together this well and are willing to take the time and make an effort to ensure everything about the print job is perfect. I do not know which team member offered to go and measure the specific display box for our poster to ensure the poster fit exactly, but I WAS IMPRESSED! Everyone I have had even the slightest contact with at Columbia Print had this orientation to their work. It was a pleasure working with you all."

What specific things can Columbia Print do to increase your satisfaction with our service? 

"Nothing. Your work is always of the highest quality and your team is great to work with."

"There is absolutely nothing extra that they can do as they always go above and beyond to get the job done!" 

"None. The service I received was excellent. They responded to my request promptly with a proof for a custom order and I receive the cards next day. I don't think it can get better than that. Great job!" 

"That was much faster than I thought. Also, I cannot thank you enough for catching a few errors in the file before printing. Your team is kind, fast and thorough. Thank you, again!"

"None at all! Columbia Print is incredibly efficient and mindful, and they always amaze me each time :)"

"My satisfaction with the team and their service level is outstanding. They're a 10+"

Customers also said:

"If there was a way to hug all of you through this comment box I would."

"As always, but especially this Commencement, your printing services made such a difference. You helped us get creative and fun for the students. Thank you so much for the suggestions and being so prompt and reliable!" 

"I don't think my voicemail accurately captures how excited we all are about the printed format. The color is beautiful, the foil looks great, the images all sparkle and look open and bright. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and the TLC you brought to this project. It shines through!" 

"I love the service and the graphic designer I worked with has been very patient, responsive, and flexible for our questions, revisions. The print orders and delivery are efficient and timely."

"Prompt and fast service. Department is always a pleasure to work with."