Submitting Your Monthly Meter Read

Columbia Print is working hard to bring you accurate monthly billing for your copier equipment maintenance, lease, purchase and supply costs.  We need your help to complete this important task! It is critical to this program that you follow the instructions below to submit your monthly meter-read.

Your meter reads should be submitted between the 15th and 25th of each month, or as requested by Columbia Print. An email notification will go out every month as a reminder.

If meter-reads are not received in that time period, Columbia Print will be required to either estimate or send a technician out to read your meter. These service visits are subject to a per-machine fee. Please help avoid this by submitting your meter-reads by the 25th of each month, or as otherwise instructed.

Please note: Columbia Print has suspended acceptance of color meter reads. Until further notice, color metering will be either retrieved over the network, or by physical meter reads conducted by our staff at no extra charge to departments.

  • Log in to the Copier Program Meter Read system

    Go to Copier Program Meter Read and log in with your UNI and password to see a list of associated machines.

  • Enter current meter read

    Enter current meter read in “End Meter” box. You may type in a note about the particular machine, if desired (for example, note if you want to terminate a lease on a specific date or if you need to bill the machine to a different account code).

  • Submit your Meter Read

    When you are finished with all the machines on your list, click Submit. 

  • Review and confirm

    Review your confirmation page and click Confirm to accept the information, or Back to correct something.