Meter Reading

Meter reads are required monthly in order to bill for copies/prints used by each MFD (copier). These charges cover the maintenance costs that include repair, parts and toner, but do not cover paper or staples.

Meter reads are obtained monthly by Columbia Print via network pull from the MFD’s IP address. When unable to pull meter reads remotely, Columbia Print will reach out to departments to obtain a meter read for each MFD that was unsuccessful.

Steps to retrieve the page counter:

  1. Press the ‘User Tools/Counter’ button located in the top left corner of the copier
  2. Press ‘Counter’ on the display screen
  3. Click ‘Print this list’ on the display screen
  4. Press the ‘Start’ button and the Counter Page will print out
  5. Email the page counter to “[email protected]

If network pulls are unsuccessful due to a firewall that prevents remote pulls, this process will repeat until Columbia Print receives a valid IP and/or is granted access through the firewall. 

To provide your IP address, print a configuration sheet.

Steps to print configuration sheet:

  1. Press the User Tools/Counter button
  2. Press Printer Features located on the center of the display screen
  3. Press Configuration Page located to the left of the screen
  4. Email the configuration page to “[email protected]

If the location, exact address, or primary contact has changed, please update us (email: [email protected]) with the current information.