How do I upload a file to Print's FTP site?

1. Using any web browser,  go to

2. Enter Username: columbia -  Enter Password: printme

3. Select your department from the the folder list.  If your department is not listed, move to step 4 and your files will be uploaded to the Main ftp folder. 

4. Click the link on the left named “Upload Files”.  The file upload window will open.

5. Click “Browse” and select the file that you want to upload.

6. Once the file is selected,  press  “Begin Upload”

7. The upload status window will let you know when the upload has been completed.  File uploading time depends on the size of your file and your internet connection speed.  Large files may take some time to fully complete uploading. Do not close your browser until the file has completely finished.

8. After the upload has completed,  either press “Logout” to end your session,  or press “Return to The File Listing” to upload more files.

9. Contact Print to let us know that your files have been uploaded.